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Music Education Matters: Meet CADME and Chris Herard

Community Profiles

Chris Herard wants every kid to have the chance to learn music. He’s a founding board member of the Calgary Association for the Development of Music Education (CADME), and he proudly notes that this volunteer-driven charitable organization is in its 20th year.

CADME’s work includes grants, teacher workshops, concerts, artist residencies and support for all the things that go along with providing a quality musical education. It might take the form of workshops that allow students to play along with world-class musicians. It may include special events like festivals, or concerts from artists such as the Count Basie Orchestra, or field trips to see live performances. Whether it’s facilitating the purchase of instruments or providing transportation to a concert, CADME ensures that students and their teachers in band, choir, and orchestra have rich and fulfilling experiences in music education.

CADME has deep CKUA connections as well. Herard says, “CKUA’s programs are a resource for teachers and students. We’ve had the opportunity to listen to CKUA together, and learn by listening to hosts like Kodi, Grant, and Orest just how varied and amazing all the different styles of music are.”

A few years ago, during Mid-Morning Mojo, students at a Calgary school shrieked with delight and disbelief when host Baba mentioned their school and their teacher by name, thanking them for contributing to an hour of programming, and spinning their request.

Herard doesn’t have a complicated answer when he explains what CADME is trying to do: “We just want to get the word out about the importance of music education, and remove all the barriers that might keep kids from participating in music. Our goal is to ignite, imagine, and inspire music teachers and students to a life-long love of music.”

He’s chosen a song to send out to all the students who are finishing their school year soon. Perhaps he’s amused by the first line: “What would you think If I sang out of tune?”

You can learn more about CADME at