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Cathy Ennis closes the door of ‘The Listening Room’

(L to R) Cathy Ennis, Chris Allen, Monica Miller, Nancy Sherbaniuak, Tony Dillon Davis – St Paul tour.

On Monday August 9th Cathy Ennis announced her retirement on the Listening Room. Read her full message here:

Hi Everyone,
You may have heard by now but in case you haven’t, I’ve decided to retire at the end of August and my last show in The Listening Room will be on Monday, Aug. 30th.

I’m excited about my decision and am looking forward to a less frantic pace to everything.

I’ve been lucky, to be sure! I’ve led a charmed worklife. I’ve loved my jobs and the people I got to meet through my 40-plus years of employment; lots of incredible people who taught me things, made me laugh, and have enriched me with their friendships.

My decision to move into retirement doesn’t come easily but the past 18 months have made it very clear that no one can predict what the future holds; that our time here is definitely finite and can be taken from us when we least imagine it might be. I guess we all know these things at a certain level but until Covid hit, I hadn’t paid much attention to how I was spending my life. By retiring I’ll be able to do some things I haven’t been able to do because I’m ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’; important things like reconnecting with

family and friends and spending time pursuing a healthier lifestyle in a more relaxed frame of mind.

I will always be extremely grateful to all of you – my beautiful CKUA listeners and colleagues. What you’ve given me is immeasurable, from your love, laughter and excellent conversation to our wildly varied stories, music and memories. I can’t imagine what my life might feel like if I hadn’t been given this rich and joy-filled experience called CKUA. So, from my heart, thank you!

With Much Love and Respect,


Stay tuned for more information on Cathy’s Farewell Show, Monday August 30th!