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CKUA by the numbers


Donors Matter. We’ve created this “Top Ten” list to highlight some things you may not have known about CKUA and the benefits of joining this inclusive, diverse community.

Did you know that only 10 percent of listeners donate to CKUA? When you donate, you can enjoy all that CKUA has to offer, knowing that you are doing your part to sustain CKUA now and into the future. Now, can you imagine what a difference it would make, to see that number rise to 15 percent? That would be incredible!

There are 9 different ways to listen to CKUA. Really! Donations have supported innovations like OnDemand and the CKUA app, offering ease and flexibility to our listeners. Learn about them all here on our website:  How to Listen to CKUA

8 Days a Week” is a song we all know, and one you can request when you make your donation. CKUA has more than a million recordings in our amazing library. CKUA will always be committed to musical diversity and variety, and not just during the fundraiser!

This fundraiser is a 7-day party, and you’re on the guest list. Every fundraising campaign is a wild ride of music, laughter, and watching that total rise. You are invited into this community. Share your comments about why you listen and what you like. Your words are an encouragement, your donations sustain CKUA, and your musical suggestions make the perfect soundtrack for the fundraiser.

Do you know that CKUA is guided by 6 core values? We’re inspired by community, diversity, inclusion, creativity, curiosity, and authenticity. Donors are our partners on the journey to share music, arts, and culture, and it’s so encouraging to know that the people who support CKUA share these values.

CKUA has donors on 5 different continents. It’s fun to learn where CKUA donors are tuning in, so let us know! Every donor becomes part of this world-wide community of music lovers who are committed to making a difference.

CKUA has 4 programs that focus on classical music: Classic Examples, Raising Voices, Classical Connections, and Sunday Breakfast. It is our joy to share music from a variety of eras and styles with our listeners. If you enjoy these programs, thank a donor!

CKUA supporters can connect with us on 3 social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more here about how to follow us and share the love!

“Just the 2 of us, we can make it if we try…” Do you have a favourite on-air host pair during the fundraiser? Do you love the way Terry can make Allison laugh? Are you here for the gentle teasing that lifelong friends Tom and Andy bring to the airwaves? Maybe you’re ready to hear a new friendship develop when Shayne and Grant pitch together.

There’s only 1 of you! Every listener’s story is unique, and each donor is important. If you’re an ongoing donor or have already made a donation to the Spring Fundraiser, thank you! If you have yet to give, now is a great time. Donors matter. You matter.