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Better than a cake and candles


Remember our last CKUA 50/50 Raffle? In the end, the prize was $150,035.

It was Terry N.’s 68th birthday when he picked up the phone.

“I was at the sink, washing my coffee pot or something,” Terry says. “And the phone rings and he says, ‘I’m such and such from CKUA’ and I thought, ‘oh wow, the draw was today.’”

A ho-hum birthday suddenly turned special.

“I was floored,” Terry says. “There wasn’t much happening, it’s not like a Sweet 16 – it’s 68, who cares? And then to hear that? It was a big surprise, boy.”

His first thought was to liberate himself from a big bill. “I will be giving my mortgage broker a call,” he says. Beyond that, he has many ideas. One is to travel to Norway and Sweden to visit some cousins there. “I have always wanted to see Europe,” he says.

Terry discovered CKUA in 2003. He was a printer for ATCO and had commercial radio on in the print shop. “A friend of mine at work said, ‘Why are you listening to that?’” Terry laughs. “He said, ‘listen to CKUA,’ so I started and I haven’t looked back.”

Now retired, Terry has worked CKUA into the rhythm of his day. “The music is just incredible. I like all of it,” he says. “I listen to it all. Classical, everything. I’m not a rap guy but I’ll take a bite of it just to see.” He’s a singer and guitar player himself, an “around the campfire kind of guy,” as he puts it.

Terry had a premonition he’d win the raffle. But either way, he was happy to support CKUA by buying tickets.

“I was giving CKUA the $100, that’s the way it is,” he says. “I always contribute at every campaign.”

This time giving meant receiving quite a bit back.

“Every dog has its day and my last birthday was mine,” says Terry.

Our newest raffle has just launched. Get your tickets before August 23!