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Baba to Host ‘Mid-Morning Mojo’ Once a Week



Baba Singh in-studio, July 23, 2021 (photo by Grant Stovel)

“Shout out to Baba, because you got to have favourites. Our music collection would be so much smaller without you and we would have to spend more time looking for new music.”

– Keven and Lisa, Calgary, AB

“I love listening to Baba every morning and am always introduced to something I wouldn’t hear anywhere else.”
– Tim, Edmonton, AB

And now, a message from our beloved Baba Singh:

Dear Friends

I’ll be turning 75 this fall (I think).

For me it means creaky knees, fewer teeth and I forget what else…

I had requested that CKUA scale back my commitment to the radio and they have gracefully and generously provided me with full support.

For now, I’ll be hosting Mid-Morning Mojo once a week, on Fridays to allow for a smooth transition for our mid-mornings. And look forward to some new ways to stay connected with you through CKUA.

I have had this amazing opportunity as your DJ, over the last so many years and every moment of connection with you has been a learning and nurturing experience.

I have made countless mistakes and you have always been gracious in getting past my shortcomings.

In my mid-twenties, I had a series of awakenings of awareness.

Being not grounded in these new realities and using historical and mythological knowledge, I formed my own theories and beliefs. One of the main themes for a while was that somehow things in the past were really balanced and good—the Golden Age, so to speak.

And then we, the humans messed it up.

After fifty-odd years of wandering and refining what was always there, I know what matters.

Be Excellent Now.

With Love and regards,

Thank you Baba!!!! Please listen to Baba make this on-air announcement, as it happened live, below: