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Thank you to the 2,000+ listeners who value CKUA and donated during our Spring Fundraiser. We are still counting the dollars, and a few of us may be catching up on sleep this week, but we wanted to acknowledge the incredible community that stepped up to support CKUA.

We tried some new things during the Spring 2023 Fundraiser. We offered two “DYD Pop-Ups” before fundraiser proper, to build excitement and begin our campaign with some wonderful early donations. We heard new recorded “testimonials” from artists, donors, and community members. We also had volunteers back in the building, to make thank you calls and welcome new donors to the fold. Musical guests and donor comments always bring joy to our community, and we wanted to share just a few of the highlights.

“CKUA is the only radio station I listen to. I have four different CKUA frequencies programmed into my car radio so most of my travel goes uninterrupted. The programming is always great, but I particularly love the weekends.” – Len Langevin, donor from Bowden, Alberta

“Hey come on, everybody! If you’ve never donated, it’s time to get involved. You’ll feel better for having done so. Imagine life without CKUA. Aaaggghh.” – Gord and Deb McPherson, Calgary donors

“The more I listen, the more shows I get turned on to, and the more new music I discover. Keep it up, everyone. You make my working day a whole lot better.” – Lisa Harper, Dumfries, Scotland donor

“I feel like my identity is wrapped up in community efforts like this. I put so much trust in the taste of radio hosts, and when they get the chance to actually express that, there’s so much art in that. I love going along for the ride with you guys. I’m a fan of so many of the shows on this network. Please, you got extra loot. If things have been going well, take a look and give a little more than you did last time. Support this great radio station. We need your help. All of us songwriters, the entire community of music in western Canada and beyond. We really rely on stations like this. The way this thing gets funded is from the listener. There is nothing more direct than supporting it. So do it. Don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it . You’ll feel better about your life.” – Del Barber, performing in the CKUA studio

“I love and value CKUA, and I listen every day. I don’t know what I would do without this station. Thank you for introducing me to the best music out there.” – Mary Coates, Edmonton donor

“Nothing makes me happier than giving time to really special things.” – Jay Gilday, performing in the CKUA studio

“I seem to keep coming back to Alberta. There are so many great artistic things happening here.” – Little Miss Higgins, performing in the CKUA studio