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A Million Reasons to Fall for CKUA!


We are going to raise $1,000,000 in October. Yes. We are.

Loyal friends and newfound followers, we here at CKUA are pleased to remind you that our 2020 Fall for CKUA Fundraising Campaign will take place from October 1 to October 31!

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All month long, we’re fundraising to support all business matters that your donation helps us pay for, so we can spend time with you every day! For example:

Did you know your donation directly supports CKUA’s ability to produce our signature curated programs and broadcast to 700 communities around the world, including 348 in Alberta via our 16 FM transmitters and live streaming services? In fact, your donation to ‘Fall for CKUA’ contributes to covering our costs for programming, production, and the FM transmitter network and streaming service—all of which we require, so that we can be here, on-air and online, as Alberta’s voice for music, arts and culture!

Here’s another one:

Did you know that donations are our primary source of revenue? It’s true; more than half of what we need annually to operate the network comes from donors—people from all walks of life and many different places all over the world, with their own personal reasons for donating. Perhaps it’s the music? The story? The sense of community connection, particularly in these continuing times of uncertainty, social distancing and remote living, working, and playing. The real-life stuff that makes many of us feel a natural sense of disconnection.

Whatever the reason, and we’re sure there’re a million or more, we’re just thankful for you and our community for all the reasons you give.

We said it in the spring and it still stands: you are never alone with CKUA.

So, back to this $1,000,000 bar we’ve set for the month of October. Yes, a lot of zeroes, and we say, “bring them on!” We have no doubt, as a people powered community, we will leap over that bar by October 31!

You’ll begin to hear your favourite hosts talking about this campaign on October 1 and then over the next few weeks. Just like the spring, we won’t be taking donations by phone so please visit our donations page to learn more about all of the various ways you can support There are a million reasons to fall for CKUA! Let’s celebrate them together!

Learn all the ways you can donate here:

We have a social media campaign idea for those of you who may wish to send us a short video clip of yourself. Please email us if you would like to participate and support CKUA and we’ll send you the details!