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CKUA’s 96th Birthday Celebration


You’re invited to join the fun on Tuesday, November 21.

CKUA would not be here today without the thousands of people who have said “Yes!” and “This matters!” again and again over the past 96 years. The trailblazers who started this radio station built a strong foundation, and so many people have strengthened CKUA over the years. The generosity of CKUA’s donors is crucial, and so appreciated. Thank you for celebrating with us!

Alberta Morning, with host Grant Stovel

6am-9am MT

We’ll sample popular sounds from the hit parade of each of CKUA’s 11 decades, stretching from the 1920s to the 2020s. We’ll celebrate other musical gems born on November 21, from Björk to soul songwriting great David Porter to piano genius Lloyd Glenn. We’ll also hear a sampling of CKUA community members tell us about their hopes and aspirations for how CKUA might look and sound come our centennial year. Let’s dig into the archive for some sounds of old-school CKUA, including a taste of CKUA morning shows from yesteryear, a live CKUA broadcast from the earliest days of the Yardbird Suite in the 1950s, and a memorable clip from CKUA’s “Play It Again” in which Tony Dillon-Davis spotlights that episode’s featured year: 1927.

Discoveries, with host Leo Cripps

9am-11am MT

Join Leo for music from the period and historical data from that era. You’ll hear excerpts of archival interviews with some significant artists and interviewers, and some stories of CKUA’s past. We begin with some music from 1927 Gene Austin, George Olsen, La Bolduc etc, followed by music from artists born in 1927. Patti Page, Earth Kitt, Harry Belafonte, Hank Ballard, then newer artists played and featured on CKUA. Leo will also have a couple of excerpts from former CKUA personalities Monica Miller and Tony Dillon-Davis in conversation with CKUA guests.

The Upload, with host Kate Stevens

11am-1pm MT

Kate’s playlist will feature significant songs from CKUA’s past, reflecting the diverse range of music the station has featured over the years. She’ll also go behind the scenes to places like the production studios and the music library, to give listeners insights about the team working behind the scenes to make CKUA endure and thrive.

Thoroughfare, with host Tony King

1pm-3pm MT

We are going to dash out on the freeway of love as we ask, “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” Tony will explore how the transmitter network evolved to 16 through the years and in turn will play an artist who has a connection to each of the transmitter sites. Hear music from The Uncas, The Black Knees, Jim Head, Joe Vickers, and more.

Traffic Jams, with host Lisa Wilton

3pm-6pm MT

Join Lisa as she connects with our audience, to ask about the first time they listened to CKUA. She’ll also play selections from listeners’ favourite songs and albums—the music that people discovered right here.

Classic Examples, with guest host Oskar Zybart

8pm-10pm MT

Join Oskar as he spins highlights from Victor Borge’s “Happy Birthday Variations,” alongside works composed by fellow birthday celebrants Henry Purcell and Francisco Tárrega, and a few other surprises as well.

Twilight, with host Amy van Keeken
10pm-midnight MT

Amy will feature some gentle tracks from The Old Disc Jockey’s Record Restorations compilations. Some 26 (?) volumes of delightful tunes of yore painstakingly and lovingly restored from their original 78s. She’ll also talk a bit about John Worthington/Jack Hagerman/The Old Disc Jockey.

P.S. If you’re in downtown Calgary, look up at the night sky for some unique celebrations. On November 21, the Calgary Tower will be lit up in yellow to celebrate the occasion. Send us a photo, Calgary friends! 


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