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Amplify CKUA today!

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Share your support of CKUA with others.
Help us spread the word and meet our fundraising goals!
There are many ways to Play It Forward. Learn how below.

How can you Amplify CKUA?

1) Donate! Online here or Tap the App

2) Share! Giving is better together! Play it Forward!

Play it Forward using

Donate then dedicate a song to a friend and share how they inspire you

• Make a donation on behalf of another person who loves music

Play It Forward with the CKUA app

– Share your new favourite song with a friend with your custom call to action

Hey Friend! I’m helping to #AmplifyCKUA during their fall fundraiser. I heard this awesome song by Ryland Moranz. He’s also from Lethbridge. Have you heard of him? Either way, thought you might dig it. If you’re able to donate, you can request a song and dedicate it to a friend! Learn more at or you can even listen to this whole program at!

Play It Forward with CKUA OnDemand

– Share your new program with a friend with your custom call to action

Hey Friend! I heard this awesome program today from CKUA and my favorite propgram host, Baba. I think you would love his take on life, the universe and everything – some stellar world beat tracks for your playlists too. Thought you might dig a ‘live’ station. Check it out here

CKUA OnDemand Host Hub!

Play it Forward on Social Media

On Twitter: challenge your friends to donate. Here’s a sample post:

Hey @Friend! I’m helping to #AmplifyCKUA! I donated to the @CKUAradio spring fundraiser. #ListenNow at to hear the song I requested for you! #PlayitForward! Donate, then request a song for a friend!

• On Instagram: share CKUA posts in YOUR stories.

• On Facebook: set up your own Fundraiser in conjunction with CKUA’s Spring Fundraiser. Don’t forget your official campaign banner.

• Tag @CKUAradio in your posts

• Include hashtag #AmplifyCKUA


Here’s even more options on how to Play It Forward

• Host a listening party to introduce friends to your favourite CKUA show

• Call or text a friend during a Double Your Dollars and encourage them to Amplify their support

Hey Friend! I recently donated to CKUA for their spring fundraiser. They’re doing “Double Your Dollars” right now, so your donation is worth twice the amount. It’s pretty exciting! Listen now at

• Ask your employer if they have a charitable matching program (CKUA is a registered charitable organization)

• Get a group together and donate an hour for an epic house party (e.g. 10 people @ $100 each)