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New Website Q & A

After over a decade with the same site we understand a new and improved format may be disorienting! Have no fear. We're here to answer your questions and get your feedback on the enhancements.

Why does the Listen Live player stop when I click on other headings?

Due to some technical limitations, the player is designed to open in a new tab. For the best experience, when you click on Listen Live, allow the tab to open in your browser, press play,  then go back to your original browser tab where is loaded and explore the site at your leisure.


Why doesn’t the iTunes link work in the Playlist when I’m on a desktop computer?

iTunes is designed to open in the app, so this feature will only work if you have the app installed on your device.


Did donor dollars pay for this fancy upgrade?

CKUA relies on donations from individuals to keep doing what we do – inspire and connect through the power of music. But you deserve even more. That’s why we seek funding from like-minded organizations for special projects like this website. In this case, we send our gratitude to five grantors who stepped up to foot the bill for this necessary enhancement to the CKUA experience:

The Calgary Foundation, Edmonton Community Foundation, Government of Alberta, Rozsa Foundation and Allard Foundation



What makes this site better than the old one?

So many things! We’re hoping it is much easier for you to find what you need. Whether it’s the latest chart, our new podcast or the volunteer application form, this new site streamlines the experience. It also makes it easy to share your CKUA discoveries! Every post has share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and email. Most importantly, it’s mobile friendly so you can explore on the go.


The yellow and black I get, but what’s with the teal orange and red?

Two tones just don’t do justice to the diversity of CKUA’s offering. We wanted to give you a site as vibrant as the arts and culture scene in Alberta! Plus, it helps let you recognize whether a post is something to listen to (teal) a video to watch (red) or an article to read (orange).

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