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Vivek Shraya | Singing Free and Loud! 

Hidden Track Podcast

Vivek Shraya is a constantly churning force for creativity. She’s an author, playwright, filmmaker, a professor of English Literature, a poet, an active champion of BIPOC, women- and femme-identifying artists though initiatives she’s launched, and she’s an absolute joy on social media.

Vivek’s new album is Baby, You’re Projecting, out now via Mint Records. Her debut label release offers a brilliantly crafted, heart-on-sleeve glimpse into her own personal experiences and perspectives. It traces deeply felt, masterfully created musical stories that ring so true, we can probably all see ourselves in them somewhere; they feel like they have something important to say to all of us.

Vivek’s been writing songs since age 13, and crafting albums for a good 20 years now. Always at the core of her art is personal experience, offering a wide range of often very frank, unflinching perspectives. Being an Albertan of South Asian heritage, growing up queer, being trans, making pop music into her 40s—all are experiences that have inspired or informed her creativity over the years.

Some songs on her latest album are responses to societal issues like pervasive toxic masculinity and sexism, ongoing colonial attitudes, and the takedown culture fostered by of our extremely online current moment. Other songs on the record are simply about friends, family, and heartbreak. While some moments do feel heartbreaking, others are powerfully affirming, even anthemic! She and longtime collaborator/producer James Bunton have hit a whole new level of sophistication in crafting this album, and Vivek is digging deeper than ever. The album is also accompanied by a companion short film that weaves some of these musical stories into a larger, visually spectacular arc.

This is Vivek Shraya | Singing Free and Loud! 

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