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200 Doctors, the Phoenix Chamber Choir, and Alan Doyle support a good cause


Dr. Patty Belda is a family physician working on the front lines of our overtaxed health care system. She has been putting in long hours as a clinician. The stress has been unfathomable, but through it all she found a prescription to bolster her mental health by way of her voice.

With a little help from Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea a community of over 200 doctors came together to sing out in the name of a good cause.

CKUA’s Tony King recently spoke with Dr. Patty Belda about how she came to be involved with the Phoenix Chamber Choir:

The Phoenix Chamber Choir is led by Nicole Andrews, and the video of our doctors singing can be found below. The video was produced in the name of supporting the Dollar A Day Foundation, which supports funding to frontline mental health and addictions programs across Canada. To learn more visit