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The How of Wow: How is a Building like a Reptile?

Have you ever looked at something and asked, “How did they do that?” CKUA’s newest feature, “The How of Wow,” highlights marvels of innovation and technology that are all around us. The stuff Engineers and Geoscientists create can be beautiful, sometimes even iconic, but it has to work.

A mechanical brain that is best left to do its own thing as it responds like the skin of a reptile, reacting intuitively to its environment. Only in this case, the system control mechanism is buried deep in the heart of the MacKimmie Complex on the U of C Campus. As in the case of a reptile the skin of newly redeveloped building is made of two layers of glass. And as in the case of a reptile, it’s best left alone to do its thing.

Mechanical Engineer with DIALOG, Michael Torjan has touched the heart of net-zero carbon complex and we asked why the reptile is a useful comparison.

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