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Re-Sounding Cultural Voices: Digitizing the Ancestors


This Wednesday, October 6, the University of Alberta’s Sound Studies Institute unveils Re-Sounding Cultural Voices: Digitizing the Ancestors Project. The community-directed project aims to preserve and make accessible Indigenous multimedia radio and television broadcast recordings from the late ‘60s through early ‘80s.

According to event organizers, the audio recordings “are voices of Cree Nations across the Canadian Prairies; they sing, drum, dance, and speak of residential school restrictions on cultural expression and share stories of round dances, drumming circles, and singing the land. They talk of healing through music, rhythm, and words and of the need to educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, alike. In re-sounding their voices for new listeners, we return their messages to the community and listen with them to the echoes within contemporary society.”

The project is presented as an online lecture, hosted by Siksika/Saulteaux digital storyteller Bert Crowfoot and Mary Ingraham, Dean of the Faculty of the Arts at Saint Mary’s University.

CKUA’s Scott Zielsdorf brought us more on Tuesday, October 5th:

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