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On Theatre: Ring Of Fire at Grande Prairie Live Theatre


All you have to do is drop this artist’s name, and you’re bound to elicit enthusiasm, excitement, and even reverence from music lovers whose tastes range all across the spectrum, from country to heavy metal and beyond. It seems like practically everyone can find something to identify with in the enduring appeal of the late, great Johnny Cash.

From October 20th through November 5th, Grande Prairie Live Theatre presents a Peace Country production of Ring of Fire, a dramatic adaptation of Johnny Cash’s unique life journey, as performed by five musicians/actors who convey both the story and the music of The Man in Black.

Perhaps this was fated to be as, as GPLT can trace its roots back to 1932, the very same year Johnny Cash was born! We’ll hear more about this very local new production, and we’ll go down, down, down deep into what makes Cash such a galvanizing figure, nearly two decades after his death.

Grant Stovel brings us more in conversation with Director Wayne Ayling from Grande Prairie Live Theatre: