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On Theatre: Christine Lesiak on The Space Between Stars


Established in 2012, Edmonton’s SkirtsAfire is a multi-disciplinary arts festival that shines the spotlight on the creative works of women and non-binary artists. The festival takes place from March 2 – 12 this year, skating through International Women’s Day along the way.

There is a tender paradox at work when we stare up at the night sky. Eyes full of wonder, we tend to dream about the future, when in reality we are looking into the distant past. As the James Webb Space Telescope has continued to unfold a picture book of images that have the potential to unlock the miracle of the universe, the sense of wonder only deepens.

The magic of the unknown is the seed of The Space Between Stars, a play written by Christine Lesiak, playing at the Westbury Theatre in Edmonton during the SkirtsAfire festival.

CKUA’s Tony King recently took a peek through the metaphorical telescope with playwright and performer Christine Lesiak: