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On Photography: Lasers of Sentiment at Ledge Gallery


Lasers of Sentiment, by Calgary-based artist collective RAZA, aims to investigate inhospitable attitudes towards peaceful protest using the threatening image of the laser pointer.

Throughout the world, the laser pointer has become regularly employed as a tool by protestors to blind and disorient oppressive armed forces. This use of the laser pointer is often referred to as “Lasers of Discontent.” A photo exhibition, on now at YYC’s Arts Commons’ Ledge Gallery, repurposes the laser to visually represent the experiences of individuals suffering from oppression.

These thought-provoking images also incorporate community engagement to further give a more complete picture of the immigrant experience. Colombian artists and RAZA founders, Valentina and Laura Alejandra Caraballo, started the project to foster empathy and encourage everyone to share and learn from each other’s experiences.

Tony King recently spoke with the RAZA collective founders, Valentina and Laura Alejandra Caraballo:

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