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On Film: Arlo Maverick and Natalie Meyer share ‘Allow Me to Introduce’


For much of the larger world, it’s been kind of a well-kept secret that Edmonton has long been an incubator for great hip-hop artists. That perception is just beginning to shift these days, thanks to Cadence Weapon making headlines by winning the Polaris Music Prize late last year. And now, here to trace and celebrate the untold story of YEG’s hip-hop scene is a brand-new documentary series, Allow Me to Introduce.

The filmmakers behind this new series are multi-media artist Natalie Meyer and illustrious hip-hop MC/ producer/ mentor, Arlo Maverick. They’re looking to tell the story of Edmonton’s hip-hop history by focusing on specific key YEG artists and spotlighting their most essential songs. The first two episodes of the series just launched, telling the tales of the band Doom Squad and Polaris winner Cadence Weapon.

CKUA’s Grant Stovel had a chance to sit down with both Arlo Maverick and Natalie Meyer to talk about Edmonton’s rich hip-hop history (and bright future).

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