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On Dance: “once & after” explores site-specific dance

Photo: Marc J. Chalifoux

Exploring alternative art spaces and performing site-specific dance pieces is at the heart of what Edmonton’s KnK Collective do. Krista Lin and Kate Stashko have been creating dance works together under the KnK banner for nearly a decade. And along the way, the pair have also collaborated and co-created with a wide range of Albertan poets, actors, visual artists, filmmakers, and musicians.

On May 27 and 28, the Brian Webb Dance Company presents The KnK Collective‘s world premiere of once and after. Choreographed by Toronto-based artist Heidi Strauss, this new work is described as a found-space performance set in a defunct, soon-to-be-redeveloped retail space.

It’s a movement work that’s themed around the idea of balancing the suspension of time with impending change. Our own Grant Stovel learns more about this production in a chat with Krista and Kate, the longtime friends and collaborators behind the KnK Collective.

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