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On Dance: choreographer Dorotea Saykaly shares more about “Black Moon”


Ballet Edmonton presents the second performance of their season, CREO, on February 24 & 25 at the Triffo Theatre in MacEwan University‘s Allard Hall. As part of this performance, the Edmonton-based contemporary ballet company is welcoming two new choreographers to their stage: Montreal-born Dorotea Saykaly with Black Moon and Zurich-based Ihsan Rustem with Only The Window.

Dorotea Saykaly is now based in Denmark and is heavily involved with film and visual arts. She has co-created, choreographed, and performed in multiple dance short films, two of which were featured in international film festivals.

Grant Stovel recently spoke with Black Moon choreographer Dorotea Saykaly about sci-fi, dance, and the upcoming performances: