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On Art: Place, Memory, and ‘Living in the Zone’ at CASA in Lethbridge

A visitor to The Gallery at Casa looks at work by Petra Malá Miller. Photo: Angeline Simon and the Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge

The Gallery at Casa in Lethbridge has been very ambitious: they’ve unveiled half a dozen new exhibitions in the Main and the Passage Gallery spaces. In a time of year where the concept of “home” becomes very top of mind with the onset of the holidays, provocatively, the featured artists explore the idea of place and memory as a theme through their exhibits.

On Thursday, December 2, 2021 on Traffic Jams, CKUA’s Tony King talked to curator Darcy Logan about what inspired these themes of place and memory.

Plus, Tony asks photographer Petra Malá Miller to shed light on her work documenting an emergency evacuation zone surrounding Dukovany, a nuclear power plant in Moravia, entitled Portrait with Protective Facemask.

Portrait with Protective Facemask is part of Living in the Zone, a larger body of work I began ten years ago. My work begins with recollection, with childhood memories formed while living near to and in fear of Dukovany’s reactors. I add symbolic residue to the past by staging scenes from my childhood in the present day.” – Petra Malá Miller

Petra Malá Miller in the Main Gallery with their exhibition Portrait with Protective Face Mask. Photo: Angeline Simon and the Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge

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