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On Art: Mélanie Demers shares “Icône Pop”


“I don’t know if Icône Pop is an important work. But it was for sure an important process for me.” – Mélanie Demers

Those are the words of MAYDAY Artistic Director and multidisciplinary artist Mélanie Demers, on her contemporary dance project Icône Pop. The work utilizes a combination of religious and pop iconographies to explore concepts of womanhood, motherhood, spirituality, and as Mélanie puts it, “other trivialities.” In Icône Pop, references to the Virgin Mary and Beyoncé grace the stage simultaneously, ultimately aiming to blur the lines between the sacred and profane. The dance performance is set to take place Feb 18 and 19 at Edmonton’s Army and Navy Building.

CKUA’s Grant Stovel recently spoke with Mélanie about her upcoming performance and its importance to her own self-discovery and reflection.

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