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On Art: Kiona Ligtvoet and Paxsi present ‘These Are the Things’


In her new exhibition, These Are the Things, painter and printmaker Kiona Ligtvoet presents an installation she describes as “a gentle attempt at navigating intergenerational barriers to grief, tenderness, and longing, in the presence of enfranchisement and personal displacement.”

Using an assortment of “nostalgic objects,” and writings from two-spirit singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist Paxsi, These are the Things takes a moment to remember missed homes and families through a virtual collaboration, on display now at The Garage at Latitude 53 in Edmonton

On Friday, June 4 at 8:45 AM (MT), CKUA’s Scott Zielsdorf brought us more on the project, in conversation with Kiona and Paxsi.