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On Art: Firebrand Glass Studio opens its doors


For many, the art of glass blowing is a mystifying artform centered around beautiful objects that could shatter at a moment’s notice. Those who master this precarious craft go on to create magnificent works of glass art. It just so happens that two award-winning glass artists are currently plying their craft in Southern Alberta.

Nestled within the small town of Black Diamond, Firebrand Glass Studio has produced numerous pieces that have found themselves in the private collections of individuals the world over, including the Emperor of Japan!

Glass artists and Firebrand founders, Julia Reimer and Tyler Rock, usually accept visits by appointment only. However, the duo will be opening their doors to the public as part of The Most Beautiful Art Tour In Alberta, a self-directed art tour taking place across a wide range of Southern Alberta communities September 16 and 17.

Lisa Wilton brought us more on  the world of glass art in conversation with artists Julia Reimer and Tyler Rock:

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