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Painter and Musician Steve Coffey shares “OurWinterMill”

Coffey, Steve. “Sustenance” 2022. Oil, 36×48.

Renowned Alberta-based musician and painter Steve Coffey makes his home near Vulcan, where he draws much of his artistic inspiration from the rugged Southern Alberta countryside.

Over the course of his isolation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Coffey took to calling his art studio Our Winter Mill. The name stuck.

Now, years later, the name OurWinterMill refers to both his latest musical project and upcoming art exhibition, both of which are set to kick off at Grande Prairie’s Grant Berg Gallery on September 27.

“The songs are bits and pieces of late night scratchings. Dark and light, saturated, de-saturated. Like our world. To sum up without any further analytics, the songs grew off the tempo of a clarity train.” – Steve Coffey

Coffey recently joined CKUA’s Lisa Wilton on Tuesday’s Traffic Jams to discuss both his latest projects from the Winter Mill: