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On Film: Mitzi Murray shares more about “Trance”


Embodying the ethereal aesthetic of the Romani, the oldest record of Flamenco music dates back to the 16th century. A style of music that fuses together the sensuality of Andalusia with ancient traditions, Flamenco has long been an ambassador for southern Spanish culture. In the movie Trance, directed by Emilio Belmonte, the rich history of the genre is explored through the eyes of flamenco music legend Jorge Pardo. In the film, Pardo challenges himself to gather a collective of musicians from around the world, and in so doing, uses their music as a means of celebrating their collective cultures coming together.

The Third Action Film Festival is presenting the film Trance at the Globe Cinema in Calgary on December 13. On Wednesday’s Thoroughfare, Third ACTion Film Fest Founder and Executive Director Mitzi Murray, joined Tony King to discuss the enduring pleasure of Flamenco and this endearing film of a musician following his dreams.