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Metro Cinema’s theatrical releases go beyond old Netflix choices


Metro Cinema is part art house, part repertoire theatre, but like many cultural institutions they have had to shutter their doors as a result of precautions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Undaunted, the theatre announced the launch of Virtual Screenings – a virtual theatrical experience featuring curated first-run releases and newly-restored classics. Working in partnership with a couple of boutique distributors, they flung open their virtual doors to patrons last week.

With the online screening of their second film, Diao Yinan‘s noir thriller The Wild Goose Lake, Metro is hoping to deliver the same unique stories they would normally provide moviegoers, but within their own homes. Tony King spoke with Metro Cinema’s Executive Director Dan Smith about how the new Virtual Screening model came about, and the value of the program.

“With the film industry being besieged on all sides by this global pandemic, we needed to implement a platform that would give film lovers a way to enjoy our releases while still supporting their local movie theaters,” says Film Movement President Michael Rosenberg.

“Through our streaming platform, we were able to offer a solution that would allow audiences to watch films from the comfort and safety of their homes, while still helping to bolster the business of our movie theater partners who are now, unfortunately, dealing with the complete shutdown of the exhibition industry.”

The Wild Goose Lake is available on the Metro Cinema website starting April 8th through April 9th.