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Lord of the Rings week at the library!

As Bilbo Baggins once observed, “Someone else always has to carry on the story…”

The story in this case is one of the most epic, one of the most beloved, and one of the most enduring of the past century. J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous tale of heroes, horrors, and hobbits is being celebrated at the Edmonton Public Library’s Stanley A. Milner location, as they embark December 4, 2023 upon an adventure known as Lord of the Rings Week!

The week’s festivities include epic film screenings, workshops for crafting 3D-printed rings, make-your-own-LOTR-themed-bags and a session called “How to Fight Like a Lord of the Rings Actor” taught by EPL staffer (and professional Fighting and Intimacy Coordinator) Janine Waddell!


Janine stopped by CKUA to visit with Grant Stovel; she even brought some swords to show him a move or two! Plus, Grant was also joined by the Milner’s Community Librarian Victoria Reap, who told us about how she dreamt up this whole Lord of the Rings Week idea, and what escapades are in store.