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Josh Languedoc on storytelling, and Rocko and Nakota at The Fringe


In our #FringeSpot for Aug 18th, correspondent Peter Brown speaks with a performer who’s using his success to boost a new generation of Indigenous artists.

Josh Languedoc wrote and performed Rocko and Nakota: Tales From The Land, which was a hit at Fringe festivals across the country.

He also leads Indigenous playwriting circles throughout the year, and he’s pursuing a Master’s Degree in Indigenous playwriting. Along with sharing the story of Rocko and Nakota on tour, Josh spoke with Peter, about his contributions to this years Fringe That Never Was.

Irreconcilable Spaces of Cultural Identity: An IBPoC Fringe Artist Conversation starts at 6pm! And following that at 7:30pm tonight, Josh will perform an excerpt from Rocko and Nakota: Tales From The Land on FringeTV. You can find it all and more at

From August 10th – 21st, CKUA is celebrating The Edmonton Fringe that Never Was.

Farren Timoteo is a dynamo onstage and a tireless creator offstage. He’ll talk about the Fringe experiences that have carried him forward as an actor, singer, musician, composer and director. And he’ll describe what it’s meant to him to get back to performing for live human beings. Meet Farren during Meet The Artist on FringeTV, Wednesday at 6pm.

To learn more about the 11-days of digital Fringe shows, interviews, parties and more, visit