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Joe Vickers releases “Waiting On a Muse”


As the leader of a high-energy Edmonton-based folk-punk band, Joe Vickers has travelled far and wide, belting out raucous music for boisterous crowds. It makes for a bit of a contrast with the much quieter parallel life he’s led as a fourth-generation Drumheller-area grain farmer.

For the past 13 years, Joe’s split his time between farming and music—recording and touring with his band Audio/Rocketry, and also with his solo acoustic project.

His latest solo album Waiting On a Muse was released exclusively to vinyl via renowned German label Gunner Records, along with a 30-page book of lyrics, poetry and stories.

Joe Vickers takes a brief break from his twin preoccupations to chat with Grant Stovel about life “in seasonal rotation.”

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