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ICAI Artist of the Month: Bang “Bob” Zhang


Calgary’s Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation was created in 2019 to help new Canadians establish themselves in the existing arts and culture communities in Alberta.

Every month, ICAI awards a culture creator with its Artist of the Month award. December’s Artist of the Month is classical music conductor Bob Zhang. Bob graduated from the China Central Conservatory of Music, where he majored in conducting. He has rich experience in orchestra and choral performances.

During his career thus far, Bob has worked with over twenty different professional orchestras and choirs. He also has a passion for educating and empowering students with music. Bob moved to Calgary in 2016 and has conducted several concerts and events at Mount Royal University. He is now the director of the Calgary Chinese Orchestra and has also been teaching piano in Calgary for about five years.

On Tuesday’s Traffic Jams, Bob joined Lisa Wilton to discuss his artistic journey: