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Scratching the Surface of a Landmark

How Of Wow

Have you ever looked at something and asked, “How did they do that?” CKUA’s newest feature, “The How of Wow,” highlights marvels of innovation and technology that are all around us.

The stuff Engineers and Geoscientists create is all around us. Like so many things it’s easy to take their work for granted. One of the structures that is a gateway to downtown Edmonton is pretty hard to miss though. That is the new Walterdale bridge.

But what exactly makes the miracle that is an iconic bridge? Jim Montgomery was the lead bridge engineer on the Walterdale Bridge and we asked him that very question.

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“For more than 93 years, CKUA has been building community across Alberta through our broadcasts. Similarly, since 1920, APEGA’s members have worked in diverse industries, contributing significantly to Alberta’s economic success, and enhancing the quality of life Albertans enjoy. We have a shared story to tell—one about pride in where we live and the people who make Alberta so special—and we are delighted to work with APEGA to tell it.”Marc Carnes, CKUA CEO

“The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta is proud to partner with CKUA on the How of Wow to showcase the wonders of engineering and geoscience. APEGA members contribute greatly to Alberta’s economic success and enhance the quality of life Albertans enjoy. Together with CKUA, we’re excited to share some of our members’ remarkable accomplishments through engaging stories in the How of Wow.”Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., FCAE, ICD.D, FEC, FGC (Hon.) Registrar & CEO

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