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Hidden Track: Ghostkeeper | We Exist For One Another

Hidden Track Podcast

Ghostkeeper is a greatly acclaimed Alberta band, and at the heart of that band is a truly great love story.

The story of Sarah Houle-Lowry and Shane Ghostkeeper is woven all through the band’s music. The Ghostkeeper story started when Sarah and Shane got together, having grown up in and around the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement at the very northernmost tip of Alberta’s Peace River Country. Their lives and artistic endeavours have been intertwined ever since, giving rise to this band nearly two decades ago.

The very heartfelt, homespun tales offered on the Calgary-based band’s new album serve to open up a portal for other stories to find their way in; overlapping observations about family, community, culture, philosophy, spirituality, and all the important ways that we’re connected with one another, and with the world. So it’s fitting that this new record, which relates stories and ideas both very big and very small, is called Multidimensional Culture.

Sarah and Shane took a break from their busy music, visual art, and family life to take us deep into the band’s remarkable story, which is full of twists and turns, at least one accidental float down a river, and of course, the journey that brought them to Multidimensional Culture.

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