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heARTbase’s Freda Bizimana shares “The Cypher”

The Cypher, as it applies to Hip-Hop music, finds its roots in Free Associative approaches to psychology; but more importantly, in the dusty wood-paneled floors of New Orleans while jazz was being born, and in the griot storytellers of West Africa. The common thread of all these experiences is what it is like to be Black and marginalized.

The heARTbase is a trio of social workers based in Toronto who have a background in music. This organization is the foundation on which The Cypher: Hip-Hop as a Method of Process for Critical Healing Through Art, Politics and Culture evolved. The University of Calgary Social Work department is presenting this two-hour long workshop on Thursday, February 17. The workshop will explore the historical context that led to Hip-Hop culture and how living beats can serve to heal those who feel marginalized by society.

Recently Tony King invited heARTbase’s Freda Bizimana in to throw down some beats and talk therapy.

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