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Durvile Publications presents ‘Go Ahead and Shoot Me, and Other True Cases About Ordinary Criminals’


We’re fascinated with true crime stories these days, but what can true-life tales from our own back yard teach us about our own communities & neighbours? And about ourselves?

Calgary-based Durvile Publications presents Go Ahead and Shoot Me, and Other True Cases About Ordinary Criminals by criminal justice worker-turned-author Doug Heckbert. Doug Heckbert & Durvile publisher Lorene Shyba recently joined Grant Stovel.

Lorene shares her thoughts about how the series began; why it’s so valuable to have a wide array of different voices & perspectives represented; and the meaningful insights that these stories can offer us. Doug relates the new book’s harrowing, thought-provoking title story; tells us why it’s crucial to see beyond a person’s criminal record; and describes what it’s meant for some of the people in the book to be able to share their experiences this way.


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