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So what is it about fresh warm bread anyways?


Since this pandemic began you would think everyone you know is secretly feeding their starter in the middle of the night, hoping it may give rise (pun intended I suppose) to a robust loaf, or two.

A guy who knows a thing or two about bread is Yvan Chartrand, he is the owner and head baker of Boulangerie Bonjour a bakery that creates bread using centuries old European traditions.

Bonjour specializes in ‘pain au levain’ (French for sourdough) which is made using wild yeast culture (levain). Pain au levain’ has a unique appearance, flavour and aroma that is distinctive and irresistible. Like wild fruit, these breads offer a concentrated flavour and character. The levain must be carefully nurtured and cultivated; its very essence is life.

Yvan joined Tony King to share why baking fresh bread is gaining popularity:

To have a look at some of Yvan’s mouthwatering recipe’s check out