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Eamon McGrath shares his new album, Bells of Hope


Eamon McGrath is from Edmonton, based in Toronto, but his true home is on the road. And he is back on tour right now, in support of his brand-new album, Bells of Hope.

In the month of March alone, his itinerary started with a big Alberta spin, then took him to Texas for SXSW, then off to Ontario for a bunch of shows, and incredibly, back to Alberta to play March 31st at Edmonton’s Winterruption and April 1st at Longview, Alberta’s Twin Cities Saloon.

Eamon popped in to chat with CKUA’s Grant Stovel about why a show in Austin for SXSW is exactly as meaningful to him as performing at the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta; how it feels to be back playing his old Alberta stomping grounds this month; the passing of The Sadies’ Dallas Good; dealing with both the unexpected stillness of the pandemic era and a great deal of loss in his own personal life; and how the mission statement for his new album is “to try and create a conduit for the transformation of really bad feelings into really good ones.”

The songwriter and wordsmith will take a brief break from his cross-continental adventures to chat with Grant Stovel about finding beauty in our current “Age of Unease.”