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Don’t Box Me In: Kid Koala previews Sled Island Tête-à-Têtes


How do music and visual art inform each other, and how connected are the two artistic disciplines? These are just two of the questions that may arise when multi-disciplinary musical and visual artists Kid Koala, Iona Rozeal Brown and Calgary’s Jae Sterling sit down on Sunday to take part in the online talk titled Don’t Box Me In: Visual Artists Making Music and Musicians Making Visual Art.

The conversation is being presented as part of Tête-à-Têtes, a series of online sessions presented by Calgary’s Sled Island Music & Arts Festival. CKUA’sa Lisa Wilton spoke with Montreal-based turntablist Kid Koala aka Eric San about the relationship between visual art and music in his work and started by asking him what came first – music or art?

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