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Daniel Romano discusses “OKAY WOW”

On a recent episode of Alberta Morning, Grant Stovel got Daniel Romano on the line to discuss his ferocious new live, album “OKAY WOW,”  which features Daniel Romano’s Outfit and is out now via You’ve Changed Records!

Daniel tells what he thinks makes a live album so vital, and so unlike any other kind of project. Rather surprisingly, he’s not generally a fan of live albums! He tells us that the only one that he really likes is It’s Alive by Ramones.

Believe it or not, this Daniel’s second new album THIS MONTH! He’s very prolific. He got back from travelling recently and, while in self-isolation, and put up an album on bandcamp called Visions of the Higher Dream. At that point, he stated that he’d be selling it at a price of $3, and leaving it up for two weeks–the length of his isolation. He tells us why, and much more! Have a listen.