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Creeasian combines traditional grass dance with B-boy stylings at MZD’s Garden Party


Alberta-based Mile Zero Dance presents a Garden Party this Saturday, featuring a fabulous array of dancers and performances. Only, rather than taking place in one garden, this party will be coming from gardens all around the world, from Alberta to Germany to Japan.

Creators & collaborators will present their works from various diverse gardens, ranging from the concrete jungle variety to an actual Shinto temple!

One homegrown component of the Garden Party is Creeasian, a brilliant young Edmonton-based dancer/beatmaker/producer/A Tribe Called Red collaborator. Creeasian recently joined Grant Stovel to discuss his Garden Party piece; one that combines a traditional grass dance with B-boy stylings.

Audiences are encouraged to watch and share from their own gardens in this interactive and exciting global performance online. Watch on a large TV or project it on your garage door for neighbours to see!

To learn more about the Garden Party dance event visit the Mile Zero Dance website.