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Cowboy Poetry Gathering in High River


Growing out of campfire stories told by cowboys and ranch hands, cowboy poetry has evolved into its own unique art form over the years.

Cowboy poetry honours the traditions and history of the West, while also celebrating the rural and often rugged landscapes of the western provinces and states.

An event in High River has kept the cowboy poetry tradition alive since its inception in the late ’90s. The Trail’s End Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering is a three-day event taking place September 9 to 11 and is said to feature some of North America’s greatest cowboy poets.

Phyllis Rathwell, president of the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association, joined CKUA’s Oskar Zybart on Tuesday’s Traffic Jams to discuss the upcoming poetry gathering. We’ll also find out what makes a good cowboy poem and why you don’t necessarily need to be a cowboy to write one.