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On Comedy: Brent Butt speaks with Terry David Mulligan


He became a star by celebrating and elevating the wit, wisdom and all-around hilariousness of everyday small town, prairie people.

The pride of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Brent Butt became a household name as the creator and star of Corner Gas, one of the best-loved sitcoms in Canadian TV history. This month, he’ll be keeping that small town feel, but going back his roots in standup comedy. He’s hitting the road for a greatly-anticipated Canadian standup tour in January, with dates in all the small town comedy hotspots: Sarnia! Prince Albert! Oshawa! (Not Dog River, alas.)

The tour’s slated to take him to St. Albert and Camrose this month, and Brent is set to guest with Terry David Mulligan on Mulligan Stew.

Tune in Saturday, January 8th at 5pm MT to hear their conversation!