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Capital City Records: Season Two Recap

Hidden Track Podcast

This is Mark Rodgers, your producer for season two of the Capital City Records podcast in partnership with the CKUA Radio Network and the Edmonton Public Library. This last episode recaps the season and includes some audio clips that didn’t land in the original episodes. Also, if you listen ’til the end, you’ll hear some of the outtakes which are always fun. In producing this season, I confirmed what I had known all along. Edmonton is a healthy close-knit community, by no means perfect, but positive with energy and a quiet momentum that will hopefully continue. In talking with people about other people in the scene, nothing but positive vibes is the consistent aspect of the discourse. This podcast is about the music living on the website of Capital City Records which is an amazing digital snapshot of the Edmonton music scene. It’s also a free way to access local artists while seeing them getting compensated for their music being consumed at the same time. Voices featured this season included: Kennedy Jenson, Dave Sawchuk, Dan Lenz, Brittany Lyne Rudyck, Jason Norman, Brent Oliver, Mike Ross, Ben Sures, Tyler Butler, Philip Muz, Kat Danser, Lindsey Walker, Beth Portman, Amy Van Keeken, Celeigh Cardinal, F and M, Jesse Northy and Dave Von Bieker.

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