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Consilience: “Walking Through A Dead Night”

Hidden Track Podcast

Two weeks ago, on the Capital City Records’ podcast, Lindsey Walker talked about Jesse and the Dandelions. This week, we turn things around as Jesse Northey, from Jesse and the Dandelions, talks about the Consilience song, “Walking Through a Dead Night”, which he has recorded twice. Consilience’s lead, Tusy Hudson, and the band’s live-off-the-floor version gives us a rawer feel to “Walking Through a Dead Night”. When Jesse Northey and Aidan Lucas-Buckland took over the rhythm section of Consilience in 2014, the band was able to create a different musical landscape.

Jesse Northy is deep into the music scene in Edmonton and is working for Alberta Music. He takes us behind the curtain of the production of both versions of “Walking Through a Dead Night”.