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Branford Marsalis performs with the CPO


If you look him up in CKUA’s music library, you’ll find him guesting on records by the likes of Angelique Kidjo, the Grateful Dead, and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. He’s a Grammy winner, a past bandleader at The Tonight Show, and that’s him playing the saxophone on Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”. He’s part of a distinguished lineage of New Orleans jazz musicians, a dynasty often referred to as “The First Family of Jazz”. And he’s in the province this week to play with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra!

Over more than four decades, Branford Marsalis career has been as wildly varied as it has been immensely accomplished. Coming up on June 9th, he’ll be performing at Calgary’s Jack Singer Concert Hall with the CPO, playing a diverse program that ranges from Ravel’s beloved Bolero to soundtrack music from Catch Me If You Can, composed by legendary movie maestro John Williams.

The brilliant Branford Marsalis joined CKUA’s Grant Stovel on Alberta Morning to tell us all about his upcoming concert and why he got into classical: