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Barry Collier shares more about Ice Sculpting at Edmonton’s Deep Freeze Festival


“Deep Freeze,” the very words bring to mind endless nights punctuated by darkened uninhabited corridors filled with cascading clouds of ice. Uninviting…perhaps, but Edmonton’s Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival, taking place along Alberta Avenue, seeks to fly in the face of what is arguably our most inhospitable season. Showcasing artists and performers from all walks of life, with an emphasis on Indigenous, French Canadian and Ukrainian histories, this festival has carved a name for itself (pun intended) as a feisty, fun filled event.

As if symbolic of the greater purpose of Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival, ice carvers bring shapeless, nondescript cubes to life in creating ephemeral art pieces. One such carver is Barry Collier. He recently joined Tony King on Thoroughfare to talk about his work: