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Anne Logan on the ‘Little Red Reading House’


Harry Potter. The Hobbit. Maybe it was the wry wit of Shel Silverstein. Or perhaps it was the thrill of uncovering a mystery in the pages of Agatha Christie. Whatever your moment was, for many of us the passion for reading was facilitated by a good story, or a good story told to us.

Anne Logan has spent the better part of her life steeped in books. 
Her literary blog I’ve Read This has a huge following. 
Now, Anne is bringing her love of reading to bear as the Director of Strategic Partnerships with Calgary Reads.

Her newest project is the Little Red Reading Club (or, House). 
It aims to help parents explore new ways to encourage their kids to read. 
To discover more, check out their facebook group.

Anne recently joined Tony King to share the story behind this project.