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A playwright’s venture into a dark topic


Note: This interview discusses sexual assault, and may be difficult for some listeners/viewers. 

Michelle Robb is a playwright who splits her time between Edmonton and Toronto. She began to till the soil in coaxing her idea for Tell Us What Happened, her newly published play, while studying in the Citadel Theatre’s Young Company.

She’s still young but comes off as a seasoned playwright, thanks to her time in dance and completing her BFA in Acting at the University of Alberta.

Tell Us What Happened is a taught, dialogue rich play that dives into the plight of millennials as they grapple with the vicissitudes of the virtual world. The protagonist of the play, Charlie, has been running a successful online group that serves as a safe place for young women to share their stories – that is until something goes terribly wrong. What follows is a gripping moral dilemma where one person is in on a secret that has huge implications for everyone else.

Edmonton’s Workshop West Playwrights Theatre presented the debut of Michelle Robb’s play and they are holding a celebration in light of it being officially published on Monday, August 7, 2023. Before that though, Michelle pops into Thoroughfare Wednesday afternoon to talk betrayal and the moral dilemma of the virtual world.

Tell Us What Happened Trailer from WORKSHOP WEST on Vimeo.