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We're asking CKUA monthly donors - what's your JAM?

Monthly donors make it happen, and we want to hear your song suggestions.

Let’s celebrate JAMuary by sharing our favourite jams.


Are you a monthly donor? CKUA is celebrating all of our monthly donors during JAMuary 2024. Monthly donors help support the music every day on CKUA, and now is your opportunity to help curate the music for the community.

We would love for you to share your favourite song with us—what we affectionately call your “jam.” What’s the song that moves you, or gets you moving? Let us know, and we’ll gather your musical selection along with others to build a month full of wonderful programming that includes all the songs suggested by our incredible monthly donors.

JAMuary 2024 will be a month of celebration. A time for us to express our gratitude for our monthly donors, and a time for them to contribute to the playlist. Tune into CKUA throughout the month and you may hear your own jam, or one from your neighbour.

Get in touch now! That way, when the cold winds of the new year blow, we’ll have a shared musical party to make the winter a little cozier. It’s easy to do. Here’s a sample jam:

Use the Open Mic feature on the CKUA app or the form below.

Audio JAMuary submission

1) Start by introducing yourself; we want to know your name and where you’re from

2) What’s your jam? We want the song name and the artist.

3) Why? Tell us why this jam gets you moving and grooving.



General tips for a good recording:

  • Find the quietest room you can, away from windows. Turn off the radio, TV, or anything else that makes noise.
  • Recording on a smartphone? Hold it to your ear like you’re making a phone call, instead of holding it in front of your face.
  • Recording on a computer or tablet? Position yourself close to the device, place your mouth roughly 6-12 inches from the microphone.
  • Do you have a pair of headphones or earbuds with a built-in mic? This may offer better quality than the device by itself.
  • Pauses before or after the recording are fine.
  • You have 30 seconds to record!


Written JAMuary submission

Would you like your name to be announced on-air?(Required)
What's your name?
For example, Toe-knee King, or Bah-bah
For example, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Vancouver
Tell us the song and who it's performed by
For example, Mid-Morning Mojo, Alberta Morning, Open Nights, etc
Tell us what you love about CKUA