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Growing up, Mark Antonelli’s life included a lot of travel. He lived in Chicago, Princeton, Knoxville, and Piddinghoe, England, before coming to Canada in 1970. He says "I fell in love with orchestral and chamber music in high school but it wasn’t until university that my true calling revealed itself." He discovered CJSR at the University of Alberta and hosted a classical music program there for six years. He also served as news director for two years. Mark joined the CKUA host roster in the late 1980s. He says "Music is really important to people and makes a difference in their lives. That's especially true during more difficult or trying times. I always have my ears (and eyes) open for something new and unusual to feature on the air."

What are three go-to songs that inspire Mark?
"Daphnis et Chloe Ballet" by Maurice Ravel
"The Lark Ascending" by Ralph Vaughan Williams
"Solid Ground" by Michael Kiwanuka

What is an interesting detail you might not know about Mark?
I'm a huge fan of well-written supernatural fiction. Some of my favourite authors are Bentley Little, H.P. Lovecraft and his circle, and Thomas Ligotti. It takes a lot to scare me so a tip of the hat if something does!

Classic Examples
Classic Examples is an early-evening journey across the broad landscape of Western concert music. Authoritatively and entertainingly presented by CKUA veteran Mark Antonelli, the program covers medieval, Renaissance and baroque music, giants of the classical period such as Haydn and Mozart, the Romantic era of Beethoven and Brahms, and the exciting innovations of 20th-century composers.

Sunday Breakfast
Sunday Breakfast is a relaxing way to ease into your Sunday morning. The program features an early morning blend of solo, chamber and orchestral music from the Renaissance, baroque, classical and Romantic periods. We’ll even stray into the 20th and 21st centuries on occasion. You’ll hear the music and the stories behind the music as well as interesting tidbits from the lives of the composers. Sunday Breakfast is a great way to begin the last half of your weekend.